Angi Ionescu

Founder and CEO

About Us

Our team of professionals has helped thousands of people to be healthier, to be more resilient against hardships and ultimately, to learn how to be happier. For many, THEMIND has become the place where they can overcome their suffering. It is a place where one can assess his or her own choices and learn how to enjoy life better. Regardless of how difficult the first step may be, once you’ve made your reservation and crossed the threshold of our clinic, you will feel as you would amongst friends.

Our clients range from juniors, to seniors, from those at the start of their career, to seasoned veterans, from locals, to expats living in Romania. No matter how different they may all seem, all of our clients have one thing in common: they are people. Each one of us may feel at times overwhelmed by worries and strife. Some are facing problems that may affect their family life. Whereas others may find themselves in a professional impasse.

Formed by a team of psychiatrists and therapists with thousands of hours of experience, THEMIND treats every case with the utmost care and professionalism, and our methods are in line with the latest international standards and practices. Take the first step towards getting better and becoming a better you – book your first consultation today!