Innovation via VR technology in the therapeutic process

Are you experiencing fear of flying? Some of us did also, so we know what it’s like. Imagine what it would be like to deal with your fear of flying by living the situation in the cabinet and not just by talking about it. Everything with the support of your psychotherapist.

Or what would it be like to practice public speaking, while feeling safe, but at the same time with the emotions given by the real experience? So that during your next meeting when you are supposed to speak, you will no longer feel that you are loosing ground…

At The Mind, we like technological innovation when we can use it wisely to improve the lives of our patients. That’s exactly what we do with the VR (virtual reality) device.

Virtual reality in psychotherapy is a versatile tool used to help people confront as actively as possible some of their strongest fears or unpleasant memories: fear of heights, flight phobia, fear of medical procedures, agoraphobia, fear of the dark, social anxiety etc.

How does it work? It involves immersion and interactivity:

  • technology simulates the reality that generates fear for the patient
  • the patient gradually and safely enters the situation he fears
  • and the therapist is there to guide a new learning process:

The patient learns that he can deal with situations that are (often irrationally) considered to be dangerous.

Almost like in a video game where you have completed your mission, the quest. In a nutshell, we combine technology with our expertise and your inner resources so that you learn that you can handle it!

The goal of VR is not to replace classical psychotherapy, but to take it to the next level. Depending on the issue you are facing, several sessions involving this technology will be required. To get clear results, the specialist will make a therapeutic plan that you will discuss together. You will also learn the benefits: in a very safe, comfortable environment, the experience of dealing with your fear will be much easier to manage and the desired results will appear faster.

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