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At TheMIND Clinic we treat people, not diseases. Our doctors find the most appropriate treatment for each and every patient, carefully evaluating the important aspects of his life. Here you receive clear and complete explanations on how to best manage the problem you face. Medication treatment is adjusted along the way to minimize any side effects.

Learn to change for the better the important things in your life. Thoughts that automatically appear and you feel hurt , behaviors that you tend to repeat even though you would like them to change, suffering in the face of failure or loss, a problem you have with your life partner or child, these are all things you can solve with us.

At the MIND, a psychological evaluation is done by a psychologist specialized in this field. The focus is on clarifying problem areas, identifying existing resources and skills, developing realistic goals […]

Research on the brain and behavior has shown that IQ- the coefficient that measures innate human intelligence- cannot be enhanced over a lifetime, but emotional intelligence can be improved. Basically, when we understand our feelings, the situation we are living becomes clearer and easier to manage.

As a parent, you want the best for your child: to be educated and to develop as much as possible, not to have financial worries. You want your child to become an adult who feels fulfilled, to live his life with passion and to enjoy everything he has. How can this be achieved? Our specialists can help you raise a strong child, who will manage on his own in times you are not with him.

Our role as The MIND team is to help as many people as possible to overcome the emotional blockages and cognitive errors that stand in the way of a career that will bring them satisfaction and joy.

We are prepared to help you with assessment and therapy if your child has difficulties with understanding what you are talking about, communication difficulties, or when he fails to pronounce certain words or sounds correctly.

Fear is a normal human emotion, which helps us when we face danger. Anxiety, however, differs from fear, as it is not justified by the presence of a dangerous situation.

Depression is a disorder that leads to an acute feeling of sadness, loss of hope for a prolonged time and affects the joy of living, work capacity and health.

Couple therapy can help you when conflicts arise or when you have unfulfilled hopes and expectations of the partner you are in a relationship with.

Specialized help is needed to treat and control mental disorders. In the absence of adequate treatment, these disorders end up affecting all aspects of a person’s life, starting with behavior, affectivity, perception of reality, interpersonal relationships, work and leisure.