Couple therapy can help you when conflicts arise or when you have unfulfilled hopes and expectations of the partner you are in a relationship with. For some, these crises enrich and strengthen the connection between them, while others feel them as overwhelming and can bring the relationship to the brink of disintegration. Among the usual reasons for resorting to couple counseling are frequent quarrels, infidelity, jealousy, sexual dissatisfaction, the desire to have children not shared by both partners, verbal or physical violence.

Improving the relationship
The couple therapist does not judge and does not take sides, but only helps to "heal" the relationship or helps you discover what you really want. With the help of couple psychotherapy, the partners can analyze more clearly the impasse they face. Following the couple counseling sessions, you learn to communicate more honestly and more easily. Our specialists can help you put into words whatever seemed impossible or difficult to say until now. We are happy to help those who come to us for couple therapy to balance themselves emotionally, to regain their confidence and joy of living.
Preparing for divorce
Before the actual divorce stand months, sometimes years of doubts, discussions, worries. Divorce is one of the events with the greatest impact on people's lives. The changes brought about by the separation/ divorce process are multiple, from the change of family structure to the change of home, and in the case of couples with children, the issue of custody also intervenes. Caught in their own suffering and engaged in numerous legal formalities, adds another source of stress: their concern for the well-being of children. Carefully managed, divorce can be a time of transition to a more fulfilling life for all involved.

At TheMIND we respect the principles of confidentiality and we believe in open communication, based on trust and respect. Couple counseling does not have a unique recipe, adequate for everyone, which is why we take into account the particularities of each couple who turns to us. We take into account the personality of each one, the needs and desires from life and the partner.