Emotional IntelligenceFor adults

Research on the brain and behavior has shown that IQ- the coefficient that measures innate human intelligence- cannot be enhanced over a lifetime, but emotional intelligence can be improved. Basically, when we understand our feelings, the situation we are living becomes clearer and easier to manage.

Most of the qualities needed to have that fulfilling life to be lived happily are emotional in nature. Emotional intelligence helps people reach their full potential, develop, adapt to change and have the best possible relationships with others.


    We often put a lot of effort into goals, which once achieved, lose their value and leave us puzzled: "Now that I've succeeded, why don't I feel happy?" If you have been looking for a service that suits you, life coaching seems too superficial but psychotherapy seems too long and deep, then emotional coaching is the answer. Because you want more from life and we specialize in people.


    In other words, is the art of enjoying life every day. Inspired by the Eastern spiritual tradition, mindfulness teaches us to adapt more easily to change and to cope more easily with difficulties. You can discover through a few simple techniques, practiced a few minutes a day, how you can detach yourself from the thoughts that are causing you suffering. Mindfulness can help you maintain your strength of concentration, calm and clarity of thought.


    Is a process by which you learn to recognize and control the mechanisms that trigger your anger. You can learn techniques to regain your calm and ability to stay rational in difficult situations. Anger management is not a try to make you repress your anger. It helps you understand your frustrations and manage them in a way that allows you to express your needs calmly and be assertive in a healthy way.


    Emotional intelligence helps you communicate effectively with others and build harmonious relationships. With us, you can learn to improve your socializing and communication skills, to increase your level of empathy and self-confidence. In order to have good relationships with others, you need to correctly comprehend other people's emotions and understand the influence of your behavior on them.