Psychological evaluationFor adults

At the MIND, a psychological evaluation is done by a psychologist specialized in this field. The focus is on clarifying problem areas, identifying existing resources and skills, developing realistic goals and providing personalized treatment. The entire psychological evaluation results from the analysis of biographical data, psychological tests and the clinical interview.

You will receive a psychological report in 5 points: temperament, clinical features, risks, strengths, recommendations. Following this testing, you will also receive a psychological assessment.

After the test you will find out more about:

  • your personality structure and temperament
  • how your psyche works
  • what psychological archetype do you fit best into and what does this mean for your daily life?
  • what your strengths are, but also the limitations you still have to overcome
  • the possible risks involved in your psychological prototype


By discovering these things about yourself, you will be able to better meet the challenges of your life. You will be able to better understand the nature of your relationships with others and you will recognize what you have to do so that you can overcome obstacles of an emotional or psychological nature.