Psychological evaluationFor children and teenagers

The purpose of psychological assessment is to get to know the child or adolescent as a whole to find appropriate programs that stimulate their development. Parents need to be able to adapt their behavior and attitude according to the child’s requirements and to understand their needs at a deep level.

The purpose of psychological evaluation is getting to know the characteristics of each child’s or adolescent’s personality, being targeted areas as motor, sensory, cognitive, affective-motivational, socio-relational and personal autonomy development.

It can be conducted for all age categories, using specific tools appropriate to each child:

  • to know the level of mental and motor development of the child or adolescent
  • affective and emotional evaluation
  • identification of difficulties in the parent-child relationship
  • evaluation of adaptation and defense mechanisms
  • establishing possible age-specific problems
  • evaluation of the degree of discernment
  • identification of general skills

As a parent, you want the best for your child. You want your child to become an adult who feels fulfilled, to live his life with passion, and to enjoy everything he has. How can this be achieved? Our specialists can help you take the first step in this directive and understand as much as possible about your child.