PsychotherapyFor adults

Learn to change for the better the important things in your life. Thoughts that automatically appear and you feel hurt , behaviors that you tend to repeat even though you would like them to change, suffering in the face of failure or loss, a problem you have with your life partner or child, these are all things you can solve with us.

With the help of psychotherapy, people manage to overcome emotional and mental blockages and create new strategies to deal with the situations in which they find themselves.

In every person's life, there are moments when we feel unhappy, dissatisfied with life, anxious and worried or even stuck in a certain situation from which we want to get out. Psychotherapy helps you replace certain behaviors with more beneficial ones for you and clarify aspects of your life that cause you conflict.
If you feel you reached a dead-end from which you cannot get out on your own or with the support of those close to you, it is important to seek specialized help.
Psychotherapy is the best recommendation for most psychological problems or low- and medium-intensity mental disorders.
In a couple, the relationship between partners is very complex. Each of them lives things in a unique way, has their own desires, needs and feelings related to past situations that influence the present. We help those who turn to us to overcome communication problems, dissatisfaction and resentment.
With the help of couple psychotherapy, the partners can analyze more clearly the impasse they face. Following the couple counseling sessions, you learn to communicate more honestly and more easily. Our specialists can help you put into words whatever seemed impossible or difficult to say until now.
As parents, we develop our skills in time, just like children, learning from mistakes, remaining optimistic, understanding as much as possible about our child. Do you remember the time when your child learned to walk? Every time he lost his balance, he fell, he cried, but soon he tried again and again, with the same enthusiasm. The child perseveres no matter how hard the trials he goes through are. As parents, we should also understand that no matter how difficult it is sometimes, we have a responsibility to find a way to help our child in times when he needs our support.