Speech therapy

We are prepared to help you with assessment and therapy if your child has difficulties with understanding what you are talking about, communication difficulties, or when he fails to pronounce certain words or sounds correctly.

When is the right time to seek a speech therapist? A speech disorder in children is manifested by a problem articulating certain sounds, while a language disorder leads to difficulty in understanding or communicating ideas.

Whatever the cause, we specialize in assessing your child’s language development. We also focus on stimulating the vocabulary to help him overcome speech difficulties. In addition, we will boost his confidence in his ability to communicate in the same way as other children of his age. This will make him integrate much better into groups of children and relate more easily to everyone around him.

Our speech therapist can help you when your child is facing:

  • speech difficulties
  • difficulty pronouncing certain sounds
  • hearing difficulties
  • stuttering
  • dyslexia
  • delays in cognitive development, intellect, thinking
  • autism
  • selective mutism
  • congenital malformations of the palatine wave
  • respiratory problems
  • traumatic brain injuries

Ideally, the evaluation and therapy should begin as soon as possible after you have noticed that the little one has a problem. It is shown that a child who starts treatment before the age of 5 has a clear chance of having much better results than those who start after this age.

Overcoming a speech or language disorder is a process that can take time and effort, so it is very important that all family members be patient and understanding with the child.

The specialists from The MIND are ready to support you as a parent in the steps you have to take and guide you on how to help out your child during this period. We will help the little one to get over this disorder as soon as possible through speech therapy interventions and psychotherapy to develop confidence in him.