Our role as The MIND team is to help as many people as possible to overcome the emotional blockages and cognitive errors that stand in the way of a career that will bring them satisfaction and joy. If you have not yet found a job that suits you or maybe you wake up depressed in the morning thinking that you have to go to work? Perhaps it’s time to take control, rethink your approach to what you desire from your professional life and dare to change things to be in line with your values, strengths and passions.

Do you often find yourself in situations where the thought of an exam, an interview or maybe public speaking scares you? Do you often panic days before a presentation or interview, to the point where you can no longer concentrate? If your answer is YES to both questions, then you are suffering from what is called performance anxiety. Unfortunately, these torturous emotions often sabotage our achievement of the goals we have set for ourselves. With us, you can get rid of the feeling of fear that complicates your logic and memory exactly when you most need clarity.
We cannot constantly control what happens to us, but we can learn to cope adequately with both tension and stressors. The most common reasons why people resort to stress management techniques are: hard-to-meet demands at work, internal tumults, misunderstandings with the life partner, family or close friends, major changes such as divorce or job loss. Counseling can help you develop skills in: effective communication, conflict resolution and imposing limits on external pressures. These acquired skills increase the quality of life and offer long-term benefits.
Enjoying what you do, becoming appreciated and excelling in a certain profession is of importance in everyone's life, but how do you know what to choose? Each profession requires certain skills, personality traits and last but not least, a natural affinity for that type of activity. We can help you better understand what you want and what profession suits you, what your affinities, resources and limitations are. Simultaneously, we search for your natural and acquired abilities. A good choice helps with self-development, living with satisfaction and passion of your time spent at work and obtaining the greatest possible benefits.
If you find yourself wondering why you chose to do the work you do or don't enjoy anything that involves your work, you may be on a downward slope on your way to burnout. We feel the syndrome of professional exhaustion as a state of extreme physical and mental fatigue and is triggered by a combination of causes related to work but also certain personality traits. Perfectionism, low ability to adapt to stress, the need for control and competitiveness have a negative contribution. With us, you can increase your resilience, the key ability that helps you adapt in difficult situations or in times of great change.